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Savah is a collaborative platform that streamlines feedback right to your design screen that allows designers to create high-fidelity prototypes for web and mobile apps without writing a single line of code.

With Savah, designers, design agencies and startups can transform their designs into attractive interactive prototypes and mock-ups. Users can share these prototypes with a single click to their team / clients to get their visual feedback right to their design screen.

No more emailing back and forth your design files you can instead effortlessly invite your design team/clients to your projects where they can review and contribute. With Savah you can invite as many users to each project. Savah allows users to either drag-and-drop files manually or upload files directly from their DropBox account.

You can upload new versions and compare them visually side-by-side. Our intuitive and interactive comment interface lets users pinpoint exactly the element in each screen that they want to comment on. This interactive communication between you, your design team and your clients will help for better design collaboration.

Savah is a new approach that puts you in control and makes your life easier and saves you much needed time.

Get Started for Free Forever at Savahapp.com